Spectaculars Has Funded!

As of this posting, Spectaculars has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter, which means that the game will be produced! A sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the game so far. But it’s not over yet! There are still three days left to support the campaign, and a whole batch of new stretch goals are ready and waiting to tear through during the last hours of the Kickstarter.


$70,000 — Digital Creator Pack! For the first stretch goal, I will release for free to all backers the digital creator pack for the game. This stretch goal will give backers access to digital files used in the  creation of the Spectaculars game, making it easier to produce new material that looks just like the contents of the boxed set.

The digital creator pack includes:

  • Digital files for all artwork used in the game 

  • Adobe InDesign templates for all cards, the rulebook, the setting book, and series

  • Any digital templates and artwork produced for stretch goals 

  • License to create and distribute for free Spectaculars content

I want you to take this game and make it your own, make your own  content for it, share it with others in the community, hack it, and get  as much out of it as you can. This pack should help you do so, and help  make the material you create look as close to the original game as possible.

$75,000 — 12 Extra Initiative Cards! This stretch goal adds 12 cards to the initiative cards already included in the box set, giving you more flexibility when putting together the initiative deck, and more flexibility when designing your own scenarios, allowing you to add more minions, hazards, and events to the initiative track.

The extra initiative cards included will be:

  • More color options for minions, hazards and events

  • Unique “Critical Complication” initiative card

$80,000 — 25 Extra Identities! This stretch goal adds 25 identities to the existing pool of identities, spread across both the Common and the series-specific identity groups. These cards will draw inspiration from heroes in the major comic book imprints, allowing you to more easily recreate certain iconic heroes within the game.

The extra powers included will be:

  • 5 more Common identities

  • 5 more identities for each of the four series included in the game

$85,000 — 25 Extra Powers! This stretch goal adds 25 powers to the existing pool of powers, spread across both the Common and series-specific powers. These powers will expand the breadth of options you'll see when making characters, increasing the chances that all heroes and villains in a session will be completely unique in terms of their power sets.

The extra powers included will be:

  • 5 more Common powers

  • 5 more powers for each of the four series included in the game

$90,000 — Rulebook +16 Pages! This stretch goal adds 16 pages of material to the game's rulebook. This space will be used to focus on topics that, while not essential to gameplay, will help players and Narrators get the most out of the game.

Some examples of the extra content that will be included in these extra pages includes:

  • Expanded guidance for Narrators, making it easier to personalize the game for your group

  • Expanded guidance for creating your own issues and series

  • More Story Rewards for heroes

  • Expanded hero origins suggestions

  • Expanded optional rules

$95,000 — Deck of Complications! This stretch goal adds an entirely new deck to the game: The Deck of Complications! Each card in this 40-card deck includes one or more suggestions for a complication that the Narrator can add to a conflict scene. During play, when the heroes roll drawbacks on challenge dice, the Narrator can draw cards from the Deck of Complications, choose one, and introduce that complication immediately. This will make it easier to improvise interesting scenes with escalating tension, and will include complications that range from putting innocent bystanders in danger, to forcing the heroes to deal with collateral damage to nearby buildings, to introducing minor villains in the middle of the conflict ("You didn't think I would come alone, did you?"). This deck is a tool the Narrator can use to make each conflict more dynamic without having to do any prep work in advance.

$100,000 — 4 GameTrayz Hero Trays! This stretch goal adds four hero trays, designed by Noah Adelman from GameTrayz, to every copy of the game! As you can see from the images below, these trays are incredibly well designed, and hold all of your components tightly in place during play, making it so that your cards don't slide around during play. Each tray also includes a storage slot for your percentile dice, and a trough to hold your hero points and time tokens, keeping the table clear of loose components during play. These things look amazing, and anyone who has a copy of Dusk City Outlaws knows just how great Noah's tray designs are.