About Scratchpad Publishing

Scratchpad Publishing is an independent games publisher founded in 2016 by Rodney Thompson with the purpose of publishing tabletop board, card, and roleplaying games.


Where did the name come from?

When my freelance RPG design career was just starting, I needed to outline books before I started writing. So for each project, I would go buy a brand-new legal pad and spend a few weeks just brainstorming in those legal pads, the best ideas from which I would create the outline of the book. Those scratchpads were the raw, unrefined output of my creativity, and to this day I still have every scratchpad I ever wrote in.
-Rodney Thompson

Mission Statement

We are committed to publishing entertainment that is fun, welcoming to players of all kinds, and that meets a standard of quality that is among the highest in the industry. We are also committed to paying all contributors a fair and generous wage, crediting those who help us achieve success, and uplifting everyone in the Scratchpad Publishing family, both personally and professionally.

First Publication

Dusk City Outlaws (2017)


Our Contributors

No entertainment product is the result of only a single person's efforts. Scratchpad Publishing could not exist without the valued efforts of these skilled contributors.