Neon City Outlaws

The Neon City Outlaws supplement for Dusk City Outlaws presents an alternate setting for the game, a dystopian cyberpunk city where the crew takes on Jobs targeting the monolithic corporations and the execs that run them. This supplement is a setting hack for the game, providing guidance for how to convert the materials included in the Dusk City Outlaws core game to the cyberpunk setting. The conversion book goes into detail about the nature of the city and its authorities, the people that inhabit it, and the technologies that underpin the city's cyberpunk essence.

Included for use with the Neon City Outlaws setting hack are:

  • Conversion guidelines for translating scenarios from Dusk City Outlaws to the cyberpunk setting of Neon City Outlaws

  • Eight brand-new cartels, designed specifically for the Neo-Dunhaven setting

  • 17 revised and altered specialties, adapted for the Neo-Dunhaven setting

  • Detailed rules changes necessary for the cyberpunk setting for the game

  • Major Complications and Plot Twists

  • Eight enemies for use in Neon City Outlaws scenarios