Digital Creator Pack

Got an idea for a scenario that you want to put out there for other people to play? Want to create your own cartels? Add new specialties? Hack the game into a completely different setting or system? This package gives you access to digital files used in the creation of the Dusk City Outlaws game, making it easier to produce new material that looks just like the contents of the boxed set.

The digital creator pack includes:

  • Digital files for all artwork, maps, and icons used in the game
  • Digital files for all page backgrounds in the game
  • Adobe InDesign templates for rulebooks (in both square and letter format), cartel sheets, specialty sheets, rookie specialty sheets (from the Turf Wars supplement), quirk cards, enemy cards, and pages from the Traveler's Guide to New Dunhaven setting book
  • License to create and distribute for free Dusk City Outlaws content of your own creation

This package is perfect for anyone looking to create materials that look like they came from the base game, for use at your gaming table, or for sharing with other member of the Dusk City Outlaws player community.

PLEASE NOTE: This title does NOT include any rules or story text, nor any finished files from the Dusk City Outlaws game. It consists only of raw artwork and Adobe InDesign templates for use in creating supplemental content for the Dusk City Outlaws game.