The Magistrate Job

The Magistrate Job is a scenario designed by Rodney Thompson for the Dusk City Outlaws tabletop roleplaying game. This Job is meant to be played over the course of 6-8 hours and involves convincing one of the city's most anti-cartel magistrates to issue a stay of execution for one of the Right Kind of People slated to be hanged at the gates of the Castle. Your crew must find a way to get past the magistrate's hard-line stance on crime, avoid the eyes of a Crown investigator looking into the magistrate's corruption, and deflect the vengeful mob justice of the civilian vigilante group known as the Endless Dawn.

The Magistrate Job is a scenario intended for experienced Dusk City Outlaws crews and Judges. It breaks the usual format of Jobs in that there is nothing to steal, break, or kill, and the only possibility of success lies in conning, coercing, or convincing an agent of the Crown to help the Right Kind of People.